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GDS - F.A.Q.

My hotel is already on the GDS with another representative, can I change my GDS representation without any problems? Can I have 2 representations? What are the advantages of changing to ALESIA Distribution?

The hotel can only be represented on the GDS by one representative at a time. To change from one GDS representation to another there are a few simple steps to follow that the ALESIA Distribution technicians will take care of. The time it takes to make the switch is usually 3/4 weeks depending on the amount of booking requests the GDS have to deal with in the interim period. When changing representation you can maintain all the information and descriptions previously entered.
The hotel code also remains the same apart from the first 2 characters that denote the chain (e.g. XX12345 becomes OK12345 when switching to ALESIA Distribution).

Which hotels receive the most bookings from the GDS?

First of all we need to divide the hotels into categories: hotels that work with business and hotels that work with leisure.
When we consider the BUSINESS sector, if becomes apparent that what counts most is the location.
The reservations at BUSINESS hotels received from the GDS are largely concentrated in the large cities. We can summarise the concept with a grid:



Primary location

London, Paris

Secondary key location

Bologna, Pisa, etc.

Secondary location

Smaller cities (in industrial areas, near "points of interest")

For these hotels, an accurate management of the RFP is essential as a large proportion of the business is done with negotiated rates.

For hotels in the LEISURE sector, the GDS channel, although it is important in terms of the image and diffusion, usually produces fewer bookings. In these cases it is more intelligent to concentrate on the Consortia that offer specific solutions for the tourist industry.
N.B.: In any case, the benefits of a commission based cost, total technical integration that automates the publication of rates and the advantages in image and communication very quickly make up for the initial cost of configuration.

What technical and commercial assistance can ALESIA Distribution offer me?

The quality and rapidity of technical assistance and commercial services are a real strong point of ALESIA Distribution. This is thanks to the fact that ALESIA technicians developed the platform, and resolved not to limit themselves to using a technological platform plucked from the market. From the marketing point of view, integration with Lanyon for managing Corporate RFP ensures optimum efficiency.