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How GDS commissions are paid

An important element of optimising the development of bookings of a hotel on the GDS is the prompt and punctual payment of the commissions to the Agencies that make the bookings. Clearly, an agency that has previously made a booking with a certain hotel and received prompt payment of the commissions will be much more likely to make further bookings with that hotel in the future.

The problem is however, that there are many more agencies that make reservations at a given hotel via the GDS and are much more widely distributed on an international level in relation to the volume of reservation traffic that a single agency generates for a single hotel. This can lead to the hotel having to make individual payments to each agency for limited and varying amounts and into accounts in different Countries.

To avoid these complications ALESIA Distribution offers the hotels different central commission settlement solutions like Onyx (formerly known as WPS) and Tacsnet (by Perot System).

The system is integrated in the CRS of ALESIA Distribution.