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Marketing on the GDS

As the system features a number of original characteristics that differ from traditional sales systems, marketing strategies on the GDS have to be developed accordingly.

Optimisation of contents

Static data relating to a hotel is stored in a database within the GDS called HOD (Hotel Description). Such contents include the textual description of the hotel (e.g. communal areas, rooms, rates, etc) as well as lists of the features and facilities (e.g. air conditioned, internet connection, bar, restaurant, etc) that can by used as search criteria and geolocation in relation to local points of reference or interest (airports, cities, monuments, etc.)

Since the Travel Agencies mainly assess the hotel from the information in the text, it is essential that these descriptions are correct and appropriate for a professional interlocutor: facts, not slogans.


It is possible to upload images of the hotel to a single portal dedicated to the distribution of all GDS. The utmost care must be taken to ensure that the images are of good quality, are representative of the hotel and are presented in a structured way.

Rates and booking rules

The rates are taken directly from the technological platform. Descriptions and booking rules must be immediately comprehensible and not leave any ambiguity.

Marketing Messages

These are messages that appear to the customer during the booking process. It is crucial that these messages are optimised to improve the promotion of the chain or individual hotel (Booking Response Message, Seamless Response Message).

Advertising on GDS

It is possible to promote a hotel on GDS with various types of targeted advertising.

  • Sign-On Marketing
  • Point of Sale (POS) Marketing
  • Graphic Promo Spot
  • Priority Placement
  • E-Newsletters

Selection of Partner Consortia / Negotiated Rates

To optimise sales, the hotel must select which Consortium it will operate with, accept their RFP (Request for Proposal) and define the negotiated rates.

Management of RFP (LANYON)

For the management of the RFP, the technological platform used by ALESIA Distribution integrates the LANYON platform, the market leader for RFP management.